Get Happy with Indie Publishing

It seems to me that writers who self-publish are happier than those going through the conventional route.

Maybe it’s the motivation that comes from finally doing something – and being liberated from waiting for calls/emails that don’t come. Maybe it’s the anticipation of knowing a long-cherished project is within sight. Or perhaps they are just enjoying being the client of one of the highly professional self-publishing firms that today offer expert guidance through the options available, and whose attention they can confidently claim because they are paying.

Self-publishing offers a method of ensuring material survives – whether to the next stage of the creative process, or for all time. And knowing your work has been preserved for later discovery allows you to move on with your life – or whatever you want to create next.

Ultimately, perhaps it’s the taking responsibility that really motivates the self-published writer. In the process you acknowledge to yourself, if not to others, that your work really matters – and that self-acceptance is truly precious.

More at TheCreativePenn.

Mission Point Press


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