Book Cover Design from Australia

Selections from the 2015 winners of the Australian Book Designers Association9781921383366 tumblr_inline_norv0tf34e1sghqer_540 a-fairy-tale-design-allison-colpoys caro-was-here-design tumblr_inline_norvhvXXms1sghqer_500.


2 thoughts on “Book Cover Design from Australia

    1. Sorry. I’ve been on the road and couldn’t get to the blog. I wouldn’t say I have a favorite. The covers are all doing different things, depending on the book’s content. In the first one, for example, the authors are using a Spanish title… Could be off-putting to non-spanish speakers so the designer used cut-out typography and graphics to illustrate the title’s meaning. Looks like a beach read.

      In the book A Fairy Tale, the designer included the industrial imagery to compliment and complete a very generic title.

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