Outlining Novels

I’m a HUGE fan of outlining before I start work on a novel. I know, it’s kind of a kill-joy. I always know what’s going to happen next and am constantly nudging the characters back in line. And sometimes I get up in the morning and think, I know exactly what’s going to happen. This is so boring. But, I just don’t see a way around the outline when I’m working in genre fiction.

I outline on paper, in notebooks. Short outlines become longer ones become synopses. All sorts of details, reminders, snippets of conversation get added in as sidebars. In other words, the notebook gets messy and no amount of circling or stars helps to keep track.

This idea came in the in-box this morning. So simple. I love it. I even have a new notebook from Shinola (dusty rose) to test it out.



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