Watchman Returns

From The Guardian:

It’s been a little under a year since I first dove into the ocean that is reporting on Nelle Harper Lee’s current situation and frankly I still feel like I’m trying to catch the surf. More than a few waves have swelled since I first asking questions, then about a controversy regarding a book someone else had written about her (The Mockingbird Next Door by Marja Mills). Obviously, the wave that came with Go Set a Watchman washed that former concern out to sea. And when I saw it rolling in this past February I began to get queasy. I’ve watched while people with greater access and more time at the New York Times, the New Yorker and elsewhere, have fished around and have pulled a wealth of questions, if few answers, from their investigations. After all that, I’m not surprised that we’re no closer to an answer.

. . . .

Still, I did not expect the latest bit of Harper Lee news that came out of Brilliant Books, in Traverse City, Michigan. The store announced that it intended to refund the purchase price of Go Set a Watchman to any customer who was dissatisfied with the book.

And here’s what Passive Guy has to say about it:

From all he has read on the subject, PG concludes that Watchman illustrates Big Publishing at its cynical worst, taking advantage of a mentally-impaired author to release a book that wasn’t up to Ms. Lee’s standards for the sole purpose of making a buck from her name.

Mentally, PG shelves Watchman in the Snooki and Kardashian selfie section.

Unfortunately, most of the disappointed purchasers of Watchman will blame Lee, not HarperCollins.


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