How Supercharged Winds Slammed UpNorth

GIF Photos by Aimé Merizon, Carol Vernam, Craig Goodrich, Jeff Herman, Linda Stephan, Dr. Tim Harbin


It was a hundred-years storm. Thin trees snapped like matchsticks; thick ones toppled, one atop another, like felled soldiers. The storm’s straight-wind blast left houses with gaping holes, thousands of residents with no power for days, a Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore that is, said one official, unrecognizable, and a cleanup that could take years.

Mission Point Press, a Traverse City publisher, will soon release a book chronicling the historic event of Sunday afternoon, August 2nd, in the book, Storm Struck: How Supercharged Winds Slammed Up North. Included:

– The storm’s anatomy … what caused it, and why it was so devastating. 
– Mapped details of the path it followed.
– Extensive photographs showing the impact on Leelanau, Grand Traverse and Antrim counties.
– Stories of the people affected – their heroics, and the swift response to repair the damage.

The book will be soft cover, 80 pages, will measure 8.5 x 8.5 inches, and will retail for $19.95. It will be published under Chandler Lake Books, an imprint of Mission Point Press.

We will donate $1 to the Friends of Sleeping Bear Dunes for each book sold. The money will be used for trail and tree restoration in the park.


Thousands of residents were on the front lines of this storm. We know. We’ve seen many of your amazing photographs. We want to feature 100 or so of the best in this book. So we’re asking for your help.

Please send us your best photos. The owners of photos selected for the book will get:

– A free copy of the book. 
– A caption accompanying the photo in the book listing the photographer’s name and his or her description of the moment the photo was shot.
– An invitation to a kickoff event upon the book’s release; selected photos will be part of an event slide show.
– Knowledge that they’ll be helping in the restoration of the Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore.

To submit your photo, please email them to Bob Butz at:

Please include this caption information with each photo:

– Who is in the photo? (Describe as best you can.) 
– What is shown in the photo? Also, describe any unusual aspects about the photo that a reader might want to know.
– When was the photograph taken (date and time.) 
– Where specifically was the photograph taken?

Deadline: Photos must be received by Friday, Aug. 21, 2015, to be considered. We will contact you if your photograph has been selected and send you the necessary paperwork.

Questions about photos? Email Bob Butz at

General questions about the book project? Email Doug Weaver at or call 231-421-9513.

Mission Point Press is a full-service book publisher owned and operated by Anne Stanton, Heather Shaw and Doug Weaver


2 thoughts on “STORM STRUCK

  1. I must have purchased your book,”Storm Struck”, just after you dropped copies off at the sporting goods store in Kalkaska. You did a fantastic job publishing this so quickly. I have property on the north end of Skegemog just west of Fairmont which ended up being ground zero for the destruction east of Leeland. We spent Monday going by boat down Torch river to help friends who were buried under trees on Fairmont. There are so many great pictures in this book but one in particular on page 82 and taken by Caitlin Scroggins, I’d like to print and hang on my wall. It would remind people of the power of nature and how quickly weather can change. Is it possible for you to connect me with Miss Scroggins to see about getting a digital copy of that picture? Also, do you a collection of the videos people sent to you either for sale or posted on line for viewing?


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