Reading on Your Phone


Last fall, Andrew Vestal found himself rocking his baby daughter, Ada, back to sleep every morning between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. Cradling Ada in the crook of his arm, he discovered he could read his dimly-lit phone with one hand. That’s how he read David Mitchell’s 624-page science-fiction saga “The Bone Clocks.”

Mr. Vestal’s iPhone has offered him a way to squeeze in time for reading that he otherwise might have given up. He reads on lunch breaks. He even reads between meetings as he walks across Microsoft’s Seattle campus, where he works as a program manager.

Before he tried it, he wondered whether reading in snippets might be dissatisfying. But to his surprise, he found he could quickly re-immerse himself in the book he was reading. “I want reading to be part of my life,” said Mr. Vestal, age 35. “If I waited for the kind of time I used to have—sitting down for five hours—I wouldn’t read at all.”

From The Wall Street Journal (link may expire).

I read almost exclusively on my iPhone 6+. I much prefer it to the Mini — easier to hang on to with one hand in bed and it goes everywhere I go. I also much prefer it to paper. I’ve got 250 feet of paper books in my house, I love paper books, but I don’t want any more. They’re in every single room, in the halls, in the garage, in the bathrooms. And, here’s the biggest thing, I have to have the light on to read in bed.

I know, I know, there’s nothing like the spacial relationship one has with a paper book. The flipping through, the notes, the much more visible cover. But there’s also nothing like convenience and simplification. Having a library with me at all times, a library that also has a camera! and requires no dusting is a dream come true.


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