Book Covers

I’m working on a cover today. Progress so far.

NOBODY samples2 NOBODY samples3NOBODY samples

And here’s the blurb:

“In this novel Bob Martel takes us on a foray into the American psyche that pricks your conscience.  We watch as Jonas Wright, Sarge, tries to reconcile his unexpected and complete abandonment at the hands of his superiors, his government, and eventually his country and his wife.

Nobody is a story about the rest of us, people who live in shadows and seek the darkness. Sarge and Corporal survived a jungle war to return home to life in the alleys of San Francisco. Nobody can survive in such circumstances. Sarge and Corporal are saved from despair by a plan they had concocted as they escaped from behind enemy lines. They rose from the alley to become the Smilers. Against conventional wisdom, and at great risk to their own personal safety and anonymity, Sarge and Corporal take on the world, formally dressed, one smile at a time.

“After several Vets are beaten, the Smilers grow in number to become the Watchers who actively traveled the BART system looking for the KFF: a neo-nazi gang that targets the homeless vets that inhabit San Francisco’s BART stations.”


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