Writing Sequels

1. Include an excerpt at the end of the previous book

The previous book’s back matter will be prime (and free!) real-estate for promoting the sequel. If the book is a great read or if it ends in a suspenseful cliffhanger, readers will be eager for more when they reach the last page. This is where you can include the first chapter of the next installment to give readers a taste of what comes next. Bookend this excerpt with links to purchase the sequel, and make sure the link works on every reading device.

. . . .

2. Publish an excerpt before the sequel’s release

While you should update the back matter of your previous books with an excerpt or link to the new sequel as soon as possible, there may be readers who’ve already read your older books and won’t see the updated back matter. Build up the buzz by publishing an excerpt of the first 1–3 chapters of the new release. On the last page of the excerpt, link to a page where readers can pre-order the new release.

Once you publish the excerpt on your website, share the link with your mailing list and social media followers. This will get fans of the previous book excited for what is coming in the next installment, and increase awareness of the fact that you are publishing a sequel.

There are eight tips total at BookBub.

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