Be Nice

JK Rowling was advised not to quit her day job, George Orwell was informed there was “no market” for animal stories and Rudyard Kipling was told he clearly did not understand the English language.

There are countless such tales of writerly brilliance being turned away with a snooty dismissal. But in an age when it is increasingly easy to self-publish, whether  online or in print, one publishing house has warned others to think again before sending rude rejection letters, for the sake of future profits.

September Publishing founder Hannah MacDonald said the industry should be more constructive with its criticism and rebuffs, as there is a danger that potential stars might abandon their dreams.

“It is very difficult now for agents and editors to find time to reject constructively, and if we can’t communicate with the authors of the future, then they will abandon the industry and become self-publishing authors,” she said, speaking on a panel titled Writing the future: author-centric publishing.

Link to the rest at The Independent.


One thought on “Be Nice

  1. I was once told by a highly acclaimed book critic that my story was so contemporary and that the rain at the sad ending was so predictable. I though that would it appeal him if I replaced it with a whirlwind or flash flood and destroyed the supposed moment of the character? Maybe. But at the end of the reading session I got more autograph signing from the audience than that book critic whose work was also presented in the venue. 🙂 The bottom line is that, only the audience/buyers will tell if your work is a hit or not.


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