Who Reads Print Magazines?

In the US and Canada, 35% fewer magazines were launched this year than in 2014, highlighting both the difficulty of getting a magazine off the ground and the growing understanding that magazines are unlikely to be profitable.

Here’s the rest from Quartz.

I read a few magazines each month … on my iPad. Meanwhile, 20 years of olden-days Martha Stewart take up six feet of bookcase. Finally got rid of all the printed UK House and Garden a year ago, ripping out the pages I wanted to keep and placing them in a notebook. If I’m not going to store them then I don’t want them in paper. Just look at all those unwanted catalogs that come out of the mail box and go straight to recycling.


4 thoughts on “Who Reads Print Magazines?

  1. Hey Tony. The magazines I read aren’t technically “online.” I subscribe and then download what is basically a pdf of the print version. Martha Stewart tried to market a fancy, interactive version of her magazine couple of years ago. It didn’t work. Rather, it didn’t pay off. All that webby work just resulted in buried content and huge costs. (Is Wired still maintaining an “interactive” magazine? I confess to only reading Wired at its website.) Anyway, you’re right. Magazines aren’t very nice on phones or even iPads. You need a big tablet — maybe the same one you’ve ditched your tv for.


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