It’s Not All About Amazon

The article below is meant to be a rubric for competing with Amazon. Huh? You’ve got to be kidding. It’s akin to saying that the occupiers in Malheur National Wildlife Area are competing with the US Government.

You can’t compete with the largest online marketplace in the world, but you can be a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

Start locally.

  • Talk to local bookstores. Here in Traverse City, MI, big revenue for bookstores is coming from the work of local authors. Most of them are not the traditionally published, and some are even using Createspace as a publisher. Here’s a look at the top sellers FOR THE YEAR from this Up North tourist mecca. Those with the red lines are all independently (self) published by local authors. (#1 in the Hardcover non-fiction category is also a local author.)
    Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 10.06.03 AM.png
  • Talk to your library. Libraries usually have a huge and varied user-base. Libraries are a public service and they like presentations. What public service info can you offer?

Lastly, (and this from Digital Book World) BE EVERYWHERE.

6. Be everywhere. Broad distribution used to be thought of as the key to book sales. And it still is. Water down Amazon’s impact by getting your books into every nook and cranny. Think outside the box. Car washes, independent coffee houses, hospital gift shops, furniture stores, print catalogs for baby boomers, “Buy Now” links on popular bloggers’ websites.


Make sure that a page of your book — or an accompanying info sheet — details how folks can purchase the book retail or wholesale.


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