Blurbs and Queries

Looking for a publisher? Check out what Sharon Bially (@SharonBially),  founder and president of BookSavvy PR, a public relations firm devoted to authors and books has to say:

When approached by self-published authors for help with book promotion, I used to ask a single question:

“Do you have blurbs from at least two established authors?”

If the answer was no, I’d suggest they gather some before we speak.  Blurbs are an essential piece of the vetting process and vetting is crucial to gaining the media’s interest. All the more so for self-published books, which don’t have the benefit of a publishing house’s stamp of approval.

While I still request blurbs, I’m beginning to think there’s another question I should ask self-published authors considering a PR campaign:

“Did you query literary agents for at least six months before deciding to self-publish?”

. . . .

I’m not looking at agent interaction as a form of validation, since in the end, the only real form of validation from an agent is a contract.

Rather, the experience of querying agents provides crucial preparation for the experience of book promotion.

Read the rest at Writer Unboxed.


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