Small Publishers Take Big Risks

As more authors jump to prominence from small presses, and as conversations around them become louder – publishers such as And Other Stories and Civil Coping Mechanisms Press – a question that may be worth asking is: are big publishers unwilling to take risks any more? Increasingly, “risky” authors, those who’ve been rejected over and over again by traditional publishers or dozens of agents, are being picked up by small presses whose modus operandi is to take risks on literature that is exciting, innovative, or that they deem important either stylistically or politically. Then the big publishers swoop in and profit from the hard work and risk-taking of the small presses.

That is a good thing, in a way, because it means everyone makes more money from the art and a wider audience is reached. But it does seem like big publishers are hedging their bets more and more often, operating as if they are not too big to fail. It is a shame that the heavy lifting is being left to those who are only big in ambition.

Read the whole article at the Guardian


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