Dreams Come True …

… after a shot in the dark. A father who tried self-publishing the bedtime story he made up for his daughters has landed a surprise order of 2,000 copies from Virgin Atlantic to help children sleep on night flights. Stephen Holmes, who works in data management, has been telling his daughters Madison and Ella a tale … More Dreams Come True …

Blurbs and Queries

Looking for a publisher? Check out what Sharon Bially (@SharonBially),  founder and president of BookSavvy PR, a public relations firm devoted to authors and books has to say: When approached by self-published authors for help with book promotion, I used to ask a single question: “Do you have blurbs from at least two established authors?” If the … More Blurbs and Queries

White, Male, East Coast

Eddie Schneider is a successful literary agent and Vice President of JABberwocky Literary Agency…. Schneider’s website and literary blog cites some sobering statistics about the lack of diversity in the publishing world. “According to this study of literary prize demographics conducted by the University of North Texas, 95% of Pulitzer Prize winners are white, 75% are … More White, Male, East Coast

Super Summer Reading

“In this hugely effective debut, Tom Carr sheds keen illumination upon a regional inventory of killers, kooks, cutthroats and the aggressively unhinged. The tales are horrific and humorous by turns — grisly, goofy, poignant dispatches expertly summated by a skilled veteran reporter who’s no stranger to the back stairs habituated by a true sleuth. Story … More Super Summer Reading